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Balling on a budget; American Apparel

Every year, American Apparel throws a flea market event at their LA factory. Thousands of Angelenos line up for a chance to get American Apparel product a huge discounted price.



(Photos byAlossix)

This year American Apparel is taking their flea market on the road! Yesterday they set up shop at Portland State University. I got a chance to drop by and do some shopping. This is what I came home with:


  • A red and navy reversible bubble coat
  • 3 circle scarf
  • Some knee high socks (not pictured)

All of that for 30 buckaroos. WOOHOO for bargains!! I am most excited about the circle scarfs which can be worn 10 different ways.



American Apparel will also be making a few more stops at different college campuses on the west coast. Definitely check it out if you get a chance.